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About Outdoor Connection, New Zealand.

Camping is one of life’s simple pleasures and many Kiwis have wonderful memories of camping with friends and family at the beach or in the bush.
Our dedicated team love camping as much as you do and we draw on our experiences when developing and refining our extensive range of products.
As well as using the products ourselves, we are constantly researching and listening to the needs of campers. 
With this knowledge we identify areas in need of improvement and set about developing new and innovative products with practical features to meet those needs.

We believe a premium camping product should be:

  • Simple and quick to erect or assemble – more time to relax!
  • Strong and able to withstand the rigors of camping
  • Practical, so it covers your specific needs
  • Reliable, so it doesn’t fail
  • Excellent value for money

At Outdoor Connection we apply these principles to all the products in our range.

Got a new or unique camping need?

Contact us and we can look into manufacturing it, or tailoring something for you.