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Lighthouse 300 Lantern

Equipped with the latest Cree Q5 High Output bulb, this lantern provides 300 lumens of light – more than enough for the tent or cooking area. As well as being extremely bright, this lantern is also very economical to run, powered by 3 ‘D size’ batteries, this lantern will operate for over 3 days continuous use on high mode from one set of batteries.

A common problem with lanterns, is the shadow they cast when hung. But not anymore!! – Remove the lens cover, and hang from the hook in the base of the lantern, and you will have the perfect area light for the kitchen area or tent.

3 settings low/high/flash

Lasts over 3 days on high

Lens can be removed and hung upside down for good area light

Lighthouse 300 uses a top quality Cree Q5 LED bulb



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3 settings low/high/flash Lasts over 3 days on high Powered by 3 ‘D size’ batteries - supplied


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